After a lot of back and forth, and trying out a lot of different note taking applications, I've settled back onto Obsidian, now that the mobile apps have come into fruition and there is a live preview mode.

I'll be posting a series of items on how I'm setting up my `BrainForest`. Overall it will need to:

  • Integrate with my calendar so I can connect to zoom links and other events directly. If something is on my google calendar, then it should be in my daily note. This is a hard requirement.

  • It should be able to parse publications and content from publications.

  • It should be able to grab my online links and highlights, I'm using Matter

  • Be able to push content to either this interface (OMG Wix, make a Markdown Editor already!) or my lab page.

One of the most difficult things ahead is figuring how to import the various notes I've accumulated since 2019 in a host of different platforms (Evernote, NotePlan, Craft, etc.). Luckily, they are all in some kind of markdown (though not all markdowns are equivalent). Should be fun, I'll keep you updated.