New Semester!

This semester has a ton of new content and opportunities in the Dyerlab. Here is a quick synopsis.

  1. Teaching Population Genetics, should be a ton of fun.

  2. Teaching the Distributed graduate seminar Landscape Genetics again.

  3. Starting a new eDNA project with VDOT and getting a new student associated with it.

  4. Starting a new RadSEQ project on Protonotary Warblers and getting a new student to start in the fall.

  5. Starting a new Landscape Genetics NSF-funded project on gypsy moths with the Johnson Lab.  Need a technician for this one as well.

  6. The text Applied Population Genetics should be released as an ebook.

  7. Should be finishing up both Jameson’s and Chitra’s theses and submitting them for publication.

  8. Moving into a new laboratory location and perhaps collapsing both our lab and the Verrelli lab into a single unit.