Dyer’s Underlying Philosophy: Make Your Life Suck Less

Updated: Jan 13

There are all kinds of things that suck in life, too many spam callers (turn on your iPhone ‘to voicemail if not in address book’ option), forgetting to pay a bill on time (set up autopay), standing in line at DMV (pay for your tabs online), etc.

This has made me come up with a general life philosophy that goes as follows. Your experiences in life can be classified into three basic categories:

  • Things that are awesome (good friendships, a nice cold beer, spending time with family, etc.).

  • Things that are meh. You know, those things that are not awesome but would require a lot of concious effort (or bored time) to try to make better. This may be things like going to the grocery store, waiting to sign for a package from Amazon, etc. You know, the proverbial ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ category of items.

  • Then everything else in your life can fall into the sucks category. These are the tasks and functions in your life that you really hate to have to do. Things like pick up the dog crap in your yard, go find that Amazon dropoff place that is out of the way because your mother sent you 2 versions of the salt rock lamp (hi mom!!!!), etc.

So, once we’ve been able to categorize things like this, one of the fundamental things I attempt to do in my life is to down regulate many of the sucky things in my life as possible. This simple philosophy can easily be represented by the image below.

Let’s take an example to prove how the philosophy really pays off in its elegance. Everyone knows that as an operating system, Windows Sucks. Sure there are those “business guys” who cannot live without it and say, “Just look at how many more windows machines there are than the other operating system you fanboi!” It is true, there are a lot of businesses that have a ton of Windows machines deployed (along with a small army of IT staff whose job it is to try to keep that house of cards standing). I would like to point out to these individuals that in 2021, the car that sold the most units in the US was the Toyota Civic (with a wopping 1.9% of the car market). Now the Civic is a nice car but no one would argue that it is the best car that was available or sold in 2021. It is just the camodity car that enough people can afford to buy, just like Windows.

Moreover, if you look at Google Search Results, we clearly see that 23,200,000 websites also agree that Windows clearly sucks

So here is the beauty of Dyer’s Underlying Philosophy. It is its simplicity of application. Windows sucks, and as such it contributes to the fraction of my life that is categorized as “sucking” in the graphic above.

Therefore, I DO NOT USE WINDOWS, and as such—my life sucks a bit less! Isn’t that an elegant way to go about it?