2022! New Digs

“No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.” —Buddha

So here it is, the start of the new year and the start of new things. I thought that it would be good to simplify my life a bit further. As such, I'm trying to make workflows go a bit easier. The first step is to try to make sure that unnecessary friction is removed from my life. Friction causes heat. Heat causes decay. So to start it off, I thought I'd move my web presences around.


For my personal stuff, I'm going commercial and taking a packaged approach to rodneydyer.com where I can import and create content in a more laissez-faire approach. Previously, I’ve been using HUGO + RStudio + Github + Netlify to put things together and that was great as long as I was in front of one of my computers where I do analytics. However, this limits my ability to post items to my personal blog since doing so from my phone or tablet is prohibitied. Also, TBH, Hugo is a pile of cards. It is fast but theme changes in the Academic stuff just make it so fragile. So, here it is. The next challenge for me is to figure out how to port my existing content from Markdown into a format that can be imported into my current platform.


For the lab stuff at dyerlab.org I did the same kind of thing, though I stuck with a RStudio inspired input route. I just do too much online work and teaching in R that making it based upon something that takes in RMarkdown as well as other content would be great. So I moved from Hugo + Hugo Academic to Distill, which seems to be a bit better in the long run. We shall see. I also figured a way out to write posts that did not have any content related to R using craft.do and having it automatically incorporated into he overall workflow. Here is a blog post about that.

OK, so let me get to figuring out how to import a crap ton of entries ... I'll upload it here.